2nd European Workshop on

“Seabuckthorn EuroWorkS 2012″


Seabuckthrn became one of the promising crops in changing agriculture in Europe within the last years. The great benefit of this plant-nitrogen fixation, use for human nutrition, preparation of medicines, production of cosmetics, you was in an amount exceeding and last but not least environmental protection led to a wide interest in this wonderful plant. Nowadays international scientific and commercial community in Europe developed vigorously and resulting there is great demand of exchange of scientific knowledge. The last international Seabuckthorn Association meetings in China and Russia showed a wide spread development in science and technology.

Starting in 2010 the German Seabuckthorn Association offered the opportunity to have a powerful exchange of knowledge and co-operation for all who deal with Seabuckthorn by starting the series of EuroWorkS meetings. Because of a still growing number of persons engaged in Seabuckthorn – agriculture as well as science – and quickly developing interests we decided to circulate the annual meeting in Europe.

So we’re happy to offer the 2nd International European meeting on Seabuckthorn – EuroWorkS 2012 – in Vilnius the capital of Lithuania.

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